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Upcoming Seminars Presented by Richard Druby:

Please check back soon for updates.

Previous Seminars:

5/6/2009 - Negotiating and Interpreting Gas Leases
Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore
Spring Seminar
Mechanicsburg, PA

5/19/2010 - Marcellus Shale Land Law
Harrisburg, PA

1/20/2011 - Negotiating and Interpreting Gas Leases
Pennsylvania Land Title Institute
Central PA Chapter Meeting
Harrisburg, PA

1/31/2011 - Financial Considerations Relating to Marcellus Shale Development in PA
Presented in Conjunction with Penn State Cooperative Extension and Fulton Bank/Clermont Wealth Strategies
Lancaster, PA

3/24/2011 - PA Land Title Insurance Seminar/Agent Expo
Camp Hill, PA

5/16/2011 - Old Republic National Title Insurance Company Seminar
King of Prussia, PA

5/23/2011 - Marcellus Shale Gas Leases: What Every Landowner Must Know
Hummelstown, PA

8/30/2011 - "A Look at Marcellus Shale from all Sides"
Presented by ILPP of California University of Pennsylvania
California, PA

12/02/11 - "Negotiating and Interpreting Gas Leases"
Institute for Law & Public Policy
Harrisburg, PA

01/16/12 - "Overview of Legal Implications of Marcellus Shale"
Conestoga Title Insurance Company
Lancaster, PA

01/19/12 - "The Marcellus Shale for Title Professionals"
Tunkhannock, PA

3/13/2012 - Marchellus Shale for Title Professionals
Presented by PLTI
Monroeville, PA

3/26/2012 - Marcellus Shale for Title Professionals
Presented by PLTI
Camp Hill, PA

06/12/2012 - Marcellus Shale Gas Leases and Financial Considerations
Presented in Conjunction with Northwest Savings Bank Oil Gas and Mineral Division

06/12/2013 - Shale Gas Leases and Mineral Management Services Seminar
Presented in Conjunction with Bud Shufstall of Northwest Savings Bank
Lancaster Farm & Home Center - 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Mr. Druby is always willing to present seminars to groups, upon request, on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

Nature of "Lease" Transfer;

Negotiating and Interpreting of Lease Provisions;

How to Enforce Lease Rights once the Lease is Signed;

Determining which Lease Provisions are Necessary to Protect the Landowner such as:
  • Limiting Warranties of Title;
  • Insurance;
  • Indemnification;
  • Shifting Tax Liability to the Gas Company.

Determining which Lease Provisions are Necessary to Protect the Land such as:
  • Reservation of Rights;
  • Storage Issues;
  • Limiting Use of Surface and Water;
  • Timber Rights;
  • Water Testing Requirements.