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  1. Who actually owns the oil or gas located under my property?

    If you have a deed that states you have a "fee simple" ownership, you own the surface rights (the "land") and the mineral rights. Those rights may be separated and the mineral rights for each particular mineral may be separated as well. Accordingly, the rights for oil, gas, rock minerals and coal, as examples, may be separated from each other. A title search of the recorder of deeds office in the county in which your property is located can determine whether you currently retain mineral rights on your property.

  2. How do I go about leasing the gas rights?

    Gas rights are typically transferred to the gas company in a lease. A lease is a contractual agreement between the landowner and typically an oil or gas company. The lease typically involves an upfront bonus payment, annual rental payments, and royalty payments based upon production. However, while many landowners focus on the money , the lease involves significant ownership interests in the property and creates the potential for liability for the landowner. Landowners should carefully consider all of the terms of the lease and should promptly consult an attorney regarding the legal implications before entering into such a lease.

  3. Can I lose my gas rights if my neighbors develop or lease their gas rights?

    Oil or gas from your property could be produced or captured from a well outside the boundaries of your property. Under certain circumstances, the oil and gas company might have to pay you a production royalty based upon a prorated share of the production from the well. Otherwise, you might not receive compensation for that production.

  4. Does the term "Mineral Rights" include "Gas Rights"?

    In Pennsylvania, there is a legal presumption that the reservation of "mineral rights" in a deed does not include gas and oil rights. Because of this, if you still own the mineral rights to property that has been sold, of if you purchased property without the mineral rights, you need to have a lawyer help you determine the status and ownership of the gas and oil rights.

Attorneys Fees: You can retain our firms to represent you at no out of pocket cost whatsoever. We are willing to work for a small percentage of the Bonus Payment we negotiate for you. We normally DO NOT take any fee from the Royalty Payment you will receive. Please call us for details.